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Established in 2000, our department was the first separate department of psychology in Ukraine. Today the faculty of the Department 4: Department of psychology, applied psychology, education and the department of psychological counseling and psychotherapy; laboratory of personality and psycho-diagnostics and Research Center.

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Faculty trained students specialty "Psychologist. Teacher "for education and skill levels: bachelor, specialist, master. Forms of education: full-and part-time.Curriculum provides training psychologists study:• fundamental psychological discipline yplin (including general psychology, experimental psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, history psychology, pathopsychology, psychodiagnostic, principles of psychotherapy)• subjects of humanitarian, social and natural sciences (philosophy, history, culture, sociology, education, psychogenetic, physiology, mathematics, logic, etc.).• specialized disciplines (educational, ethnic, political, environmental psychology, psychology of behavior disorders, psychological counseling, social and psychological training, basic sexology, psychology in marketing and advertising, psychology conflicts, business, etc.).• also offer courses of their choice student.In the teachers of the faculty - 9 doctors and 29 candidates of psychological science.

These highly qualified professionals with practical experience that teaches students in the program authors. Trained teachers of the faculty teaching aids used in the preparation of psychologists in universities in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus.Training is at a distance and without job-based inpatient, distance learning, distance learning for a second higher education and distance learning at home.Department of Psychology carries out training of foreign countries under intergovernmental agreements and contracts with organizations and individuals.Now faculty are trained 314 students permanent learning of them 81 - studies based on contract, 154 students - distance learning from them - 119 studies on a contractual basis, 29 students - in part-time basis at their place of residence. In postgraduate training of 24 graduate and 19 searchers degree.Admission to the faculty at all educational and skill levels of training Bachelor and Master is the contest.Introduction to the Psychology Department is carried out by the independentassessment of:BiologyUkrainian Language and LiteratureUkraine's history or foreign languageDistance learning students who have completed school in 2007, are entitled to entrance exams of the above items.For more information, please see: page entrant.Applicants coming in the form of distance training for the second higher education are interviewed.

Term of time and correspondence departments for the qualification of Bachelor - 4 years, by education levels for masters, specialists - 1 year for specialists with higher education - 3 years for students distance learning at home in the specialty Bachelor - 4 years, to continue studying for a degree, students may, joining 5-day course or absentee VN VN History.Tuition fees for students on a contractual basis: daily department - 15,825 g. a year; correspondence vitdilennya - 7160 grams. per year for professionals - day - 16,095 in December. per year, part-time - 9160, mahistrov - 19700 and 11400 daily - correspondence. The amount of payment can be made in any order: a year for six months per semester, per month - 10 months (but only if payment and for the next month).Curriculum (bachelor's, master's, specialist) training provided by psychologists studying fundamental psychological disciplines - general psychology, experimental psychology, age and social psychology, history psychology, pathopsychology, psychodiagnostic, and others. and a variety of courses - ecological, ethnic, political psychology, psychology of behavior disorders, age-related counseling, psychotherapy, social and psychological training, psychology of advertising, conflicts, business, education and others. Study and discipline humanitarian, socioeconomic, Natural areas - philosophy, history, culture, sociology, psychogenetic, physiology, mathematics.Much attention is paid to the faculty full personal development of students in scientific, cultural, sports fields, supporting student government.The faculty includes research psychodiagnostic laboratory and laboratory psychology of development. The School was established in accordance with the requirements of the educational process with the information base of the educational process and scientific activity that is constantly being improved. A communication line and funutsionuyut Internet connection, established base of computer tests.The faculty is a computer support courses, software and equipment for automation of psychological experiment, operates a media audience.The staff student's scientific organization and professional orientation of the club "Psychologist".Features professional careerOur graduates are in demand in the market of psychological services.

Currently, psychology covers almost all spheres of the same people, psychological knowledge is used in economics, politics, education, manufacturing, social and personal spheres.Our graduates are engaged in research, consulting, teaching. They work in different professional fields:• Educational and scientific institutions,• establishments with recruitment (employment agencies, employment centers, vocational centers)• psychological advisory services,• the Helpline,• law enforcement,• in business (management, personnel management, marketing, advertising, PR, etc.)social organizations.Student LifeStudents of psychology can take part in various activities that make student life vibrant and bright. The faculty is student newspaper "Psyche."Corrects all students' lives College students and graduate faculty. What qualities are important to the future of psychology?• The desire for self-knowledge, self-• Interest in and respect for another person• Sense of purpose, persistence• Ability to empathize• Curiosity• Responsibility• Tolerance, the ability to accept a man who she is• Initiative• tact, decorum• Intuition, ability to predict developments• Creativity• erudition• Ability to keep a secretWit, originality, versatility



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